river necklace

river necklace

Inspired by the paintings of my favorite artist, Gustav Klimt. 

I wanted to create a classically beautiful necklace that is both simple and ornate at the same time. The outline of the necklace is clean and avant-garde, with the mismatching edge in the front.

I tried to create the depth that I love about Klimt’s paintings by oxidizing sterling silver in uneven tones and hand-stitching different sized sequins with slightly faceted black glass beads.

These three different “black” elements catch different light and shimmer in the background as you look through the gold vine framework.

Hand-fabricated from sterling silver sheet and wire, and hinged with a custom-fabricated box clasp. Oxidized and rhodium plated. Frontal design parts are riveted, and sequins and glass beads are hand-stitched on with nylon thread. AAA grade white sapphires are set for extra sparkle. 

Custom made box clasp.